ISE 2018: WyreStorm Modular H2X-C Series HDBaseT 4K and Integrated Audio Matrix Switchers

ISE 2018 - booth #5-S60

SWINDON, UK – 25th Jan 2018 -- WyreStorm, one of the CI industry’s foremost HDBaseT matrix switcher manufacturers, has leveraged its transmission expertise with the H2X-C Series modular HDBaseT 5Play 4K HDR with integrated audio DSP matrix switchers featuring a selection of customizable multi-format, multi-platform transmission cards. 

Putting the “Custom” in Custom Install, the H2X-C makes the H2X Series a modular monster with a choice of 10x10 or 16x16 H2X chassis and fully customizable selection of six multi-format transmission cards offering the ability to totally tailor an AV distribution to the specific application like never before.
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