Why do I need two cables?

Using the conventional TMDS transmission method as found on our PRO range, video and audio signals are sent along cable number 2 of the Cat5ei/6/7, with IR signals and HDCP data sent along cable number 1. 

When selecting single cable mode on a TMDS dual cable set up, IR signals are dropped and the HDCP data is transmitted along cable number 2 along with the video and audo signals, thereby negating the need for cable number 1.

However, if IR is required, this can be acheived by using our HDBaseT products, which make it possible to send audio (up to DTS Master), full HD video (up to 4k resolution), Ethernet connectivity for internet access (10/100), wide band control (RS232 & two-way IR) and even power down a single Cat 5e/6/7 cable.

Furthermore, HDBaseT transmission also benefits from longer transmission distances and signal stability, with distribution far less susceptible to exterior influences such as electrical interference, which can impact on transmission.