Why can't I get a signal from my AV receiver along a WyreStorm Cat5e/6/7 extender set?

AV receivers can be tricky pieces of equipment.  Check to ensure that yourss isn’t adding CEC (HDMI Control Protocol) to the outgoing signal, this can sometimes have an effect on the HDMI signal.

You may need to check through your AV receiver settings to make sure they are compatible with the source and the display.  Settings from the sources, the matrix, the AVR and the display must all match or the transmission will fail.  For example, if your AV receiver is trying to pass 7.1 channel audio but the system has detected a maximum capability of 5.1, the signal will have difficulty negotiating the transmission. 

Consult the AV reciever manual and the WyreStorm product manual before installation to ensure compatibility.