What about 3D?

All WyreStorm matrix switchers and the vast majority of our receiver, extender, splitter, switcher and scaler products are fully 3D compatible, defined as able to passthrough a full and reliable 3D signal from source to display.  

'Full 3D' is defined as being able to passthrough complete and reliable 3D signal as a direct mirror of the source to a compatible display device in both frame packing/frame sequential used for 3D Blu-ray and Interlaced stereoscopic found in 3D satellite/cable broadcasts.

Note: Our coax, DVI and 30m Cat5ei extender sets do not support frame sequential 3D but will passthrough 3D interlaced stereoscopic signals.   Please check product listings if unsure which WyreStorm product to choose, or alternatively you can contact our tech support, who will be only to happy to advise you.