How far can the signal travel?

WyreStorm equipment is designed to transmit signals various distances, depending on the chosen method of distribution, whether using HDMI, UTP, Coax, SDI or fiber. 

Under perfect transmission conditions our HD matrices, splitters, display receivers and extender sets distribute 1080p HD video and audio over Cat5ei/6 from 40m/131ft to 200m/656ft depending on the model, with our fiber solutions capable of up to 5km/3.1 miles.

Perfect transmission conditions denote straight cable runs without electrical interference, no bends or kinks and no patch panels or wall outlets.  Signal strength and bandwidth can be compromised if some of the above are factors in the installation.

If a cable run is reaching the upper limit of the device transmission capabilities, the signal can be boosted by using an extender set (RX-TX) to lengthen distribution or by simply using an in-line repeateTransmission signals can be repeated with WyreStorm equipment up to 5 times (250m/820ft) using a conventional TMDS signal or 7 times (700m/2300ft) using HDBaseT technology.  See product listing for details.