Do I need power at the TV end?

For the majority of our products local power is required at the display location, with our HD display receivers requiring a 5v power supply at the TV end to operate.  (On some models 12v is needed to maintain power necessary for longer signal transmission) 

It is important that these devices do not receive remote power from the rack as issues can be experienced issues resulting from voltage drop along the length of cable.

In instances where access to mains power at the display location is limited, the TV itself can be used as a power source for some of our extender products.  Using existing USB ports tyically found on most modern TV units, our USB to 5v power cable offers an inexpensive and reliable means of locally powering display receivers without a mains supply.  

Not only does this provide a constant and far more energy efficient power source for the receiver as the units only draw power when the display is in use, it also makes for a neater installation requiring less space and less power adaptors on site.  

New for 2013! - Power Over HDBaseT:  New to our extender range, our Power Over HDBaseT display receivers can now draw power directly from a PoH-enabled transmission device, such as matrix or extender, for full remote power capabilities via a single Cat5ei/6 cable without any local power required at display locations.

See here for more information on the full range of WyreStorm Extender products.