NetworkHD Touch™

Part Number NetworkHD Touch

A Touch of Class for AV over IP

A revolution in AV control, WyreStorm’s award-winning NetworkHD Touch™ App for iPad puts entire NetworkHD 100, 200 and 400 Series AV over IP systems at your fingertips for both single screen and video wall applications.

See what you’re switching with live video source and display previews and instant drag and drop content selection, with Enado integration adding source control and opening up a world of control possibilities. 

An app like no other, NetworkHD Touch is made for iPad with no training and no learning curve for users to negotiate - just an unrivalled user experience and effortless AV control on a device users are already familiar with, using gestures they already know, making it ideal for bars, restaurants, stores, malls, showrooms and more.

It’s what AV over IP has been waiting for.

Key Features:

  • Live video preview of all sources and displays
  • Drag and Drop source switching
  • Group displays in to rooms, areas or video walls
  • Automatic configuration
  • Enado integration for source control and QR code scanning and BYOD connectivity

Download free from the App Store here:



Compatible with iPad and NetworkHD 100, 200 and 400 Series systems only


As the name suggests, NetworkHD Touch literally places control of AV systems at users’ fingertips with drag-and-drop selection of content onto each display for effortless switching of any number of sources to any number of displays or video walls with real time I/O video previews on the iPad screen.  The responsive drag-and-drop operation is highly intuitive with selections appearing instantly on both iPad preview screen and the physical displays, making content switching an even easier and more enjoyable experience for the end user.

As easy to set-up as it is to use, Touch is configured automatically via  downloads from the central NetworkHD system controller, to ensure users have access to their source content in a matter of minutes.  

A live preview of all selected content is displayed in main video placeholders on the iPad screen, as well as live video thumbnail previews of connected sources along the bottom of the screen for easy access all on one interface.

Displays can be grouped into rooms, areas or video walls, with users able to save favorite preset configurations and even switch all displays to a single source instantly for incredible flexibility over how content is selected and to where a user wants it to go.

For video wall applications, Touch makes it possible to access settings and change preset display configurations within compatible NetworkHD systems and then drag and drop new content onto the iPad virtual display placeholders in real-time with changes to the actual video wall happening instantaneously. 

Wall layouts can be changed, saved and recalled with live video previews of all sources and selected content displayed on-screen instantly and at the same time using WyreStorm’s QuickSync™ technology.  

Best of all, Touch can also be integrated with the WyreStorm Enado control system to enable control of the source devices themselves and take advantage of powerful Enado features, such as BYOD for the quick and easy addition of control devices by just scanning the Enado QR code straight into the app for Enado control to be instantly available within the Touch app.

Whether single screen or video walls, switching is instantaneous with NetworkHD Touch. The images never freeze or go black during the transition, no matter what content or devices are being switched-content is crystal clear and up on screen with a flick of the finger.


  • Compatible with NetworkHD 100, 200 and 400 Series AV over IP systems
  • Live video preview of all sources and displays
  • Responsive drag and drop source switching
  • Automatic configuration
  • Enado integration for source control, QR code scanning, BYOD connectivity
  • Group displays in to rooms, areas or video walls
  • Supports multiple video wall layouts
  • Instant source switching
  • No image freeze or screen blanking during switching
  • Save preset switching configurations for individual screens, groups of screens
  • Video wall layouts able to be changed, saved and recalled at the touch of a button
  • Available to download free from the App Store
  • Up to 6 individual sources viewable on Ipad screen at one time, with swipe/scroll access to an unlimited number of sources 
  • Up to 6 individual display screens viewable on iPad at any one time, with swipe/scroll access to an unlimited number of displays
  • Up to 16 individual display screens viewable when in video wall 
  • Video wall supports up to 16x16 configuration
  • One-touch source selection to all screens or "All displays on/off"
  • Add a graphics or images to group buttons for user identification of zones/venue locations when selecting sources to displays
  • Password protected Advanced Settings
  • Interactive demonstration
  • Made for iPad
  • Download free from the App Store


iPad Requirements:

  • iOS 8 or higher
  • iPad Air 2, Mini 4 or iPad Pro or higher highly recommended


Windows PC Requirements for Console Software:

  • Windows XP or higher
  • Core i3 or higher


Compatible WyreStorm Equipment

  • NetworkHD 100 Series AV Over IP products
  • NetworkHD 200 Series AV Over IP products
  • NetworkHD 400 Series AV Over IP products