5U Rack Mount for NetworkHD™ 100/200 Series

Part Number NHD-000-RACK

The NHD-000-RACK is a 5U rack mount that provides a clean installation for up to 12 NetworkHD™ 100/200 series transmitters. Mounting brackets for NHD-000-CTL NetworkHD controller and an ENA-MINI-010 Enado mini IP Controller are also included allowing for all required devices to be installed in a single location. 

Key features include

  • Compact design, specifically designed for NetworkHD 100/200- Series Components 
  • 12 slot capacity supporting controller/encoder/decoder and the Enado Mini webserver
  • Provides ideal heat dissipation - a key factor in increasing reliability and product lifespan
  • Installers can pre-built the system into the NHD-000-RACK prior to arriving on site to improve speed and efficiency of installations

NOTE:  NetworkHD components for illustration only - units sold separately



Keeping your components safe and sound is vital to any successful installation and the NHD-000-RACK does just that with a steel housing designed for rack-mounting multiple 100 and 200-Series devices within a central location for a secure and organized rack solution for any NetworkHD installation.

Addressing the challenge of how to rack-mount multiple components neatly and securely, the NHD-000-RACK offers a professional and efficient NetworkHD mounting environment for easier access to unit connections and improved cable-management. 

With a 5U rack height, the NHD-000-RACK supports all encoders, decoders and the NHD-000-CTL controller, as well as the Enado Mini webserver for Enado-controlled installations, with units individually secured via mounting brackets and front panel screws to ensure your NetworkHD hardware remains where you installed it.

With support for up to 12 separate devices, components are installed vertically into evenly spaced enclosure channels for optimal heat dissipation and maximum airflow, both key factors in product performance, reliability as well as increasing the lifespan of your components.

As NetworkHD is essentially modular in design, the NHD-000-RACK offers the additional advantage of enabling NetworkHD systems to be pre-built before arriving on site for faster, simpler and more efficient installations.


  • Specifically designed for organizing NetworkHD 100 and 200-Series components within main rack location
  • De-clutters rack, improves cable management, port identification and unit access
  • Vertical slot installation supports any combination of up to 12 NetworkHD components
  • Provides ideal component heat dissipation and airflow - a key factor in increasing reliability and product lifespan
  • Strong, steel enclosure construction keeps hardware secure and protected
  • Units secured via brackets, rails and front panel screws 
  • Compact design
  • 5U height
  • All mounting hardware provided:  rack, brackets, rails and screws

In the Box

1x NHD-000-RACK Chassis

2x Rack Mount Brackets

10x NetworkHD 100/200 series Transmitter Mounting Plates

1x NetworkHD 100/200 Series Controller Mounting Plates

1x Enado Mini Controller Mounting Plate

4x Blank Plates

Assorted Screws to Attach Rack Mount Brackets and Mounting Plates


19.0 in / 482.6 mm x 8.7 in / 221.1 mm x 4.7 in / 120.0 mm
1.85 kg / 4.0 lbs

Slots:  12

Compatible with: NetworkHD 100/200 Series Encoders and Decoders | NHD-000-CTL controller | ENA-MINI-010 Enado Mini IP Control solution