WyreStorm HDBaseT Extender Set Featuring 5Play™ RS232 and PoH (100m/328ft)

Part Number EX-1UTP-IR-100-POH

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WyreStorm single cable HDBaseT extender sets comprise of a transmitter and receiver to lengthen distribution of uncompressed 1080p HD video @60Hz and HD multi-channel audio, high speed internet and control up to 100m (328ft) via single category cable, regardless of HDCP source encryption.

With EDID management, HDMI and Ethernet pass-through, bidirectional control of source and display device from either location via IR and RS232, WyreStorm HDBaseT extenders offer incredible flexibility and stability of signal distribution combined with innovative features and an ease of use that provides solutions where stable HD transmission and control over distance is required, whilst also eliminating the need for additional control and video cables on installation, whether in a residential or commercial setting.


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The EX-1UTP-100-POH and EX-1UTP-IR-EDID extenders retain the rock-solid reliability of HDBaseT™ transmission technology with bidirectional control of source and display from either location via IR and RS232. Both models contain EDID management to manually handle device communication issues during installation and include the added advantage of 1:2 HDMI splitting capabilities to duplicate the receiver HDMI output, allowing connection to an additional display or projector.

Ethernet pass-through allow both models to be fully cascaded up to 7 times to further expand distribution, while the EX-1UTP-100-POH also features Power-over-HDBaseT to enable true 5-play convergence for distribution of video, audio, control, Ethernet and Power through a single Cat5ei/6 cable.

With the transmitter connected to the mains and power passed along the length of the Cat cable to the receiver, no power access is required at the display for ease if installation and connection. 


  • True 5 play convergence realized with the inclusion of Power-over-HDBaseT for distribution of video, audio, control, Ethernet and now Power to be passed between transmitters and receivers along a single Cat5ei/6/7 cable. (EX-1UTP-IR-100-POH only)
  • EDID management is also included for the further aid communication between connected devices and allow custom settings to tailor the installation to the requirements of the devices connected.
  • For added flexibility, 1:2 HDMI splitting capabilities have been added to double your simultaneous outputs, allowing for extra display or projector connection.
  • Single cable solution for extension of full HD audio/ video, RS232, 2-Way IR and 10/100 Ethernet
  • Robust HDBaseT transmission technology far more stable and resistant to electrostatic interference than conventional HD distribution over UTP
  • HDMI v1.4 with full 3D compatibility - frame packing/sequential (Blu-Ray) and interlaced Stereoscopic (satellite/cable broadcasts)
  • Supports all high definition resolutions: 1080p, 1080i, 720p and screen refresh rates of 24Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Fully supports 48bit Deep Colour
  • Uncompressed HD and multi-channel audio
  • Automatically adjusts feedback, equalisation and amplification
  • Supports constant HDCP to prevent screen drop-outs when operating devices
  • Control signals can be sent between source device and display via 2-way IR
  • 1080p up to 100m (328ft) range using Cat5e/6 UTP (including 3D applications) - control of source and display possible from either location
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • Can be cascaded up to 7 times (700m / 2300ft)
  • HDCP compliant
  • 10.2Gbps bandwidth output capacity
  • RS232 compatible with open source drivers/protocols available for market leading third party control systems
  • 3 Year warranty

In the Box

  • 1 x WyreStorm EX-1UTP-IR-100-POH TRANSMITTER main unit
  • 1 x WyreStorm EX-1UTP-IR-100-POH RECEIVER main unit
  • 1 x printed installation guide (also downloadable from website product page)
  • 2 x pairs of mounting brackets
  • 1 x 12vDC power supply for Transmitter (power supply not needed for Receiver)
  • 1 x wide-band IR TX Emitter (small/round) for attachment to Input device
  • 1 x wide-band IR RX Receiver (larger/rectangular) for attachment to Display (IR frequency range: 30KHz to 56KHz)


Transmitter: 145mm/5.71” x 29mm/1.14’’ x 106mm/4.17’’ // Receiver: 130mm/5.12’’ x 29mm/1.14’’ x 106mm/4.17’’
Transmitter: 0.44Kg / 0.97lb // Receiver: 0.42Kg / 0.93lb
-5 to +35°C (-41 to +95°F)
5 to 90 % RH (no condensation)
0.5-1.0 volts p-p
5 volts p-p (TTL)
1080p 48bit Deep Colour
100m / 328ft

DTV/HDTV: 1080P/1080i/720P/576P/480P/576i/480i DVI VESA: 1280x1024/1920x1200

HDMI 1.4+HDCP (repeats the source to the sink)

DTS-HD, Dolby-HD (repeats source to sink)
17 Watts Max.


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